The Oracular Tradition encompasses Pantheons that have proven to have had Oracular practices instilled in their society and worshiping systems. This makes it so that all initiates are able to work with a Patroness of their choosing while still within the parameters of our structured system.


We work with different Deities throughout the year for holidays, feast days as well as rituals. We encourage all initiates to dig deep within themselves, let the Goddess into their lives and make a connection. This will strengthen their bond and promote success.  


The Oracular Tradition Focuses on these particular pantheons for Patronesses :


Greek / Roman Pantheons, Norse Pantheon, Egyptian Pantheon as well as The Celtic  Pantheon and The Babylonian/Mesopotamian Pantheon.


We ask that all seekers who wish to be a part of Deam Lux look within these systems and find their patroness with the help of their mentors.


There are many other traditions that have oracular practices, faiths where Gods come to the earth and deliver messages as well as practices that commune with spirits and ancestors. We chose not to incorporate them within our working system as these energies already have established forms of veneration and we do not wish to insult or offend anyone, much less do a disservice to the Deity/spirit.