About Us

Deam Lux  “Goddess of Light”


Deam Lux , an all women’s circle dedicated to reawakening the Oracular practices of Old while serving the Goddess in her many forms through temple style worship.

Deam Lux is a non Wiccan tradition that operates in accordance with the wheel of the year and the full 13 month lunar calendar. We also participate in honoring the sacred feast days of the Goddesses we work with, exposing all initiates to different cultural and religious practices.


Mission Statement :


Our mission is to bring back the powerful Women’s mysteries practiced in many lands and in many languages. We wish to reclaim our sacred gifts of intuition, prophecy, and magick. We also provide a safe place, free of judgement, for women to explore the mysteries of the Great Mother in Her many forms.


Who we are:


Deam Lux was formed with one goal in mind. The reclaiming of our natural abilities. We seek to nurture and teach others to look deep within themselves and reclaim the power inside. All Women are capable of Magick and producing a manifestation of their goals and dreams in this life.


The initiates of Deam Lux do not work with a particular Goddess, instead they focus on :

The Greek / Roman Pantheons, Norse Pantheon, Egyptian Pantheon as well as

The Celtic  Pantheon and The Babylonian/Mesopotamian Pantheon.


These ancient societies have all had thriving Oracular practices and Temples where priestesses attended to the Word of the Gods. These priestesses also serviced the community by offering religious guidance,fed and sheltered the needy, and were called upon for advice concerning matters of state and government.


Initiates may follow the path of the Oracle, the path of the Priestess and in some cases they are called to both. Every Initiate is mentored by a Priestess and supported by other initiates in the group. Should you wish to know more about us, please fill out the form below and contact us!