The Founders


High Priestess Freyja

Freyja is High Priestess and co-creatrix of Deam Lux. She is an Initiated Priestess of Ochun, in the Lukumi Tradition and is also initiated  in the NY Wica Tradition.

Freyja is a weaver of tales, a writer of poetry and fiction. She dedicates time to writing about the Gods. Through Invocations, prayers and journeys she leads the unconscious mind to connect with the Divine. Harnessing her personal discoveries in Seidrcraft, a magical system of the Norse, she is able to use trance and work magic on the astral plane to help others achieve personal goals.

Freyja interprets the tarot to peer into the future and advise seekers on what is to come, what to avoid and give insight on a better course of action. She is also studying the interpretations of runes. She continues to read and study to better understand ancient practices and incorporate them into rituals, doing honor and service to the Divine while helping others find their path.




High Priestess Circe

Circe is High Priestess and co-creatrix of Deam lux. She is a Priestess of Yemaya in the Lucumi tradition, and a 3rd degree initiate of the NY Wica Tradition.

Circe is a Tarot reader, Medium, and a student of Astrology. She enjoys all variety of plant medicine and sigil magic,crafting ritual and witchery, traveling between the veils, and studying the dark arts( and crafts).

She is the owner of Skeletonkeyshop, an online store that provides handcrafted unique ritual items and apothecary.

She believes that the world is a place filled with magic waiting to be discovered and aspires to help others awaken their highest potential through spiritual work and self discovery.